We build packaged software addons using Oracle Retail’s own software development standards, guidelines and practices, ensuring all solution we release are fully compliant with Oracle solution standards and fulfill integration and interoperability standards that meet or exceed standards of Oracle.


All our solutions are  maintained against past and present versions of Oracle Retail, meaning you can purchase current and earlier versions that match your current version of Oracle Retail solutions.

All addons are available

  • On premise via download (needs to be installed and configured on premise)
  • Hosted via commissioning (hosted on a dedicated online server, needs no installation, only configuration)
  • As SAAS service, which is compatible with both on premise and SAAS Oracle Retail solutions

Why stop customizing Oracle Retail?

  • It costs a lot of time to define needs, document them, find vendors, select a partner, explain needs, test deliverables and maintain customization going forward.
  • It requires specialized engineering skills such as process design, UX design, integration design and specification writing that are not in the core activity area of retailers.
  • You get the business benefits of the addon immediately; building your own customization may take weeks or months.
  • Contains best practice processes based on shared feedback from multiple retailers – probably works better than what you originally thought you needed.
  • Addons cost less TCO over time than customizations: we upgrade our solutions so when you upgrade, the addons works with higher version of Oracle immediately and without additional effort for you.
Why buy addons instead?