Weight Average Cost Adjustment Upload

Keeping weight average costs accurate can often be challenging especially when trying to true-up estimated landed costs to actual landed costs. Once the variance between estimates and actuals has been calculated good have often been shipped away from the PO receiving location on to the selling locations.

At this point in order to adjust the weighted average costs, users would need to generate a real-time owned inventory value report and execute weight average cost adjustments quickly before the inventory value changes. Users would also have to do the math to figure out what the new weighted average cost needs to be in order for the value to be adjusted appropriately at each location.

The WAC Adjustment Upload Plugin allows users to upload to value change they want to adjust by item or for specific item locations. If the item level is chosen, the plugin will calculate the total owned inventory across all locations and then split the adjustment across those locations using the value of inventory at each location to build a spreading ratio. This ensures that the value of inventory is accurately maintained while removing the painful reporting and excel math that would otherwise need to take place.

The WAC Adjustment Upload Plugin Consists of 1 RMS Bolt-on Screen, 1 Custom Package, and a Series of Custom Tables.

How to order:

Our solution is available for on premise installations and also for cloud implementations including SAAS, let us know what your solution version is and what your preferred deployment option is so we can quote you the appropriate addon version.

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