Replenishment View

When using RMS base Replenishment it is often time difficult quickly see a summary of your current and future replenishment parameters in Real Time. Often Replenishment Analysts will have forgotten to add a new store or new item’s parameters.
It can also be difficult to see a holistic view of current and future replenishment because future parameters are not available on the same screen as current parameters.

The Replenishment View Plugin allows users to see a real-time summary and detail view of current and future replenishment parameters. It allows them to manage by exception and displays key counts and metrics at the item level to help determine if Replenishment Parameters are missing from certain stores. It also allows users to download this detail into Excel from within the RMS Screen to further analyze it.

The Replenishment View Plugin Consists of 1 RMS Bolt-on Screen, 1 Custom Package, and a series of Custom Views.

How to order:

Our solution is available for on premise installations and also for cloud implementations including SAAS, let us know what your solution version is and what your preferred deployment option is so we can quote you the appropriate addon version.

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