Mass PO Change

Depending on your version of RMS it is either difficult or impossible to mass approve, update, or cancel purchase orders when the need arises.

For RMS versions 14 and previous, no mass update capability exists. For the latest versions of RMS, mass updating POs requires using the PO upload/induction functionality. This functionality requires that users already know all the PO numbers they want to update and put them in an Excel file.

The Mass PO Change Plugin allows users to quickly and easily mass approve, update or cancel POs. The tool provides a robust set of search criteria allowing users to quickly and easily limit their updates to a groomed list of purchase orders. Users can even search via a list of POs copied from an excel workbook. The screen respects both the RMS PO Approval limits and also can be configured with a view or edit access based on RMS’s role-based security tables.

The Mass PO Change Plugin Consists of 1 RMS Bolt-on Screen, 1 Custom Batch, 1 Custom Package, and a Series of Custom Tables.

Mass PO Change - CFA and other Tab
Mass PO Change - Import _ Logistics Tab
Terms and other tab
Approve ship Receive tab
Comments and Shipping Tab
Cange Dates Tab
Counts and Indicators tab
search tab

How to order:

Our solution is available for on premise installations and also for cloud implementations including SAAS, let us know what your solution version is and what your preferred deployment option is so we can quote you the appropriate addon version.

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