Item Mass Reclassification

Item reclassification in RMS can be a lengthy process that requires a lot of business coordination and outside the system processes. This is because usually it is not just a single item that needs to reclass but rather a large list of items is being split from one department, class, or subclass to form another.
As new product categories become more mature, then need to be managed differently. If that is not hard enough, there are a list of validations an item must go through before it can be successfully moved from one hierarchy to another. Any item that fails these validations will have to be manually added to anther attempted reclass.

The Item Mass Reclassification Plugin allows retailers to manage reclassifications as events. Retailers add departments to a reclass event that will be effected by a given reclass. These departments are then worked by department level users who detail which items in the department are moving to other areas of the hierarchy. Finally, the reclass is executed in mass and items are preprocessed removing most validation errors. If items do fail validation, they are retried by the batch daily until they are successful.

The Item Mass Reclassification Plugin consists of 3 RMS Bolt-on Screens, 1 Custom Batch, 1 Custom Package and a Series of Custom Tables.

How to order:

Our solution is available for on premise installations and also for cloud implementations including SAAS, let us know what your solution version is and what your preferred deployment option is so we can quote you the appropriate addon version.

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