Retail Trade Management integration pack



You have or are planning to use Oracle Retail Trade Management solution?

You need to integrate more information than what is integrated in the standard solution? You do not want your users to hand key all information on the UI but rather interface information from external data sources automatically? We provide you with integration for all major data Oracle’s Trade Management solution needs to run efficiently and with as little human direct keyed input as possible.

Our pack integrates:

  • Item-HTS code relationships
  • Item-required document relationships
  • Transportation records
  • Customs entries
  • Obligations

With this integration pack you can fully, quickly and efficiently implement automated integration for Oracle’s Retail Trade Management system.

What you get:

  • The entire integration pack available on premise or in the cloud
  • Installation guide
  • Operations guide
  • Maintenance for all deliverable components of the integration pack

Support from our consulting team is available on demand as needed.

How you can order:

Our solution is available for on premise installations and also for cloud implementations including SAAS, let us know what your solution version is and what your preferred deployment option is so we can quote you with the appropriate integration solution.


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