Retail Integration Bus Administration Dashboard



Challenges answered:

  • Is your IT team spending a lot of time researching RIB issues in the RIB hospital for the business users?
  • Are your business users spending a lot of time waiting on the IT team to check if a message is stuck in the RIB?
  • Are your business users dependent on the IT team to check on the status of their integration messages in the RIB?


  • Allows business users to check on messages in the RIB autonomously
  • Does not require in-depth knowledge or experience with RIB hospital administration
  • Comes with extensive pre-built role configurations that allow the administrator of the dashboard to add users and define what access privileges they have to which message types in the RIB hospital
  • Quick to deploy and secure as a SAAS solution, comes with data encryption


  • Supports multiple user access privileges: VIEW, RETRY, DELETE and EDIT, which can be specified per user and per message type, allowing for total access control for your team.
  • Ability to monitor multiple environments in one dashboard simultaneously
  • Built-in integration to Oracle Retail Integration Bus Hospital
  • Simple configurable layout, alerting and control checks to meet your exact needs


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